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 Raksha's Birth Story

Day 4 overdue.
I had an upset tummy and bloody show a few times throughout the day. I went to sleep early that night in anticipation that things might be different the next day.

Day 5 overdue
I woke up at 5am with slightly painful contractions, I timed them and I was getting them every 15 mins or so. I smiled to myself and woke my husband and said it might happen today!
He got our 3 year old ready for nursary and while he did that I took a nice long bath in Clary Sage oil. I was breathing in through my nose and out slowly through my mouth. I had Nerissa's 'You are now in labour' music on. Having the bath and listening to the music was a happy experience that helped me relax and my contractions started coming in every 10 mins apart. So things were progressing nicely.
When he was back from the nursary drop off, I told my husband that we could call Melton and say that we anticipate coming in some time that day as we were hoping to birth there. They said that we could come in and get checked when contractions were 5 mins apart lasting a minute. Living 40 mins away from Melton we were worried about time to get there in case things started happening too quick, so we decided to set off at 10am at our own pace, telling ourselves we can walk round Melton town and sit in a coffee shop until the contractions got closer together and longer lasting.

We arrived in Melton town by 11am and we walked round shops, stopping at every contraction breathing through the contractions - it was totally manageable. I had my Tens machine on as the contractions were stronger and coming in 5-6 mins apart.

Everything was going well and then there was a turn of events, 12 noon ish I was feeling peckish so we brought some lunch in a coffee shop, as I ate my sandwich, my contractions completely stopped.

2pm, I was tired and slightly sad that the contractions had stopped, I had a strong feeling that things would change later that day. With that in mind we booked into a hotel in Melton for a sleep that afternoon. I fell asleep from 2pm - 4.30pm and woke up to a call from my midwife. I was booked in for a membrane sweep at my Drs that afternoon and had missed my appointment. I explained to my midwife what was happening and she suggested that I ask St Mary's if one of the midwives could do a membrane sweep.

As soon as I got off the phone I had a contraction but still phoned St Mary's to see if they could do a sweep, they were brilliant and said yes to come in and have it done straight away. I had the sweep done by 6pm and this definitely helped to move things along. The midwife who had examined me said I was 3cm dilated. While I was there I had a big bloody show too. Then another straight after we left the birth centre. We went back to the hotel and called my daughter before she went to sleep - she was staying at her grandparents house. She was excited about potentially meeting her sister - I felt happy knowing she was in safe hands.

I was having contractions every 8-6 mins apart since the sweep.

At 7pm we decided to go for a pizza! I know, talk about just enjoying this labour!
The waitress came to take our order and at that moment I took a deep breath closed my eyes and said give me a minute!! (I was having a big contraction) course I didn't tell her that!) she must have thought wow, I'm only asking you what pizza you want!
I ordered the hottest pizza on the menu and we had a memorable meal - Breathing through very strong contractions. They were 6-8 mins apart.

About 9pm. After the meal we walked back to the hotel which was about a mile away. When we got to the hotel I took a shower. As my hubby had his laptop with him we watched a film, to help me focus less on what my body was doing and more on helping me to relax as the contractions were coming in for longer and felt much more painful.

By 10.30pm I had to switch the film off. I started to shake as I was feeling cold and the tens machine was about half way up its setting. I couldn't sit still. I was pacing up and down the hotel room.

At 11pm we phoned birthing centre and said it was happening. They said 'ok you're only a mile away, so don't break any speed limits and we'll see you shortly!'. We packed our things and made our way there. The journey of that 1 mile was very uncomfortable and in between contractions we were laughing at the thought of how impossible the journey would have been if we were still in Leicester, at home.

We arrived at the birthing centre by 11.50pm I asked if they could fill the birthing pool. The midwife examined me and
I was 5 cm dilated. She made a comment about how well composed I was for someone in active labour. She said the next stage will last anything from 10 mins to 2 hours.

While waiting for the birthing pool to fill up I began rolling on a birthing ball - which was mega comfortable. I put on Nerissa's cd and began to make 'ahhh' sounds and sighing my breath out while rolling on the ball kneeling on the floor with my arms and face on the ball.

At 12.05 am I asked for gas and air, the midwife left to get it and when she left the room my waters broke. Everything started to happen quickly at this point.

I felt like pushing. I asked my husband to press the buzzer for help. I felt like being sick when the next contraction came in.

The midwife ran in said I needed to push. She checked and said I was fully dilated.

I asked if I could get into the birthing pool but there was no time. She said she could see the baby's head and there was no way I could move now. I was sad about not being able to get to the pool.

I had the urge to push now.
I shouted out 'I think I'm going to poo myself!' Several times and the midwife was lovely and said its the baby pressing on the bowel. I was reassured and then completely relaxed

I pushed 5 times and she was out. I had a slight tear so didn't need stitches.

I made 'ahh' sounds throughout. The active pushing was uncomfortable there was an awful lot of pressure but not that painful. I used gas and air, tens machine and breathing oh and two paracetamols!
The whole thing from my waters breaking to birthing the placenta was about 40 mins.

It was a beautiful positive birth and I was so grateful to whatever's watching over me to let me experience it the way I did.

Best wishes,
Raksha Pandya-Wood