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Sanjay's Story

Normally in these testimonials we hear from the mother but today I thought how about from the perspective of 'Daddy'.

I considered my role during the birth to be that of support and nothing more. In the end no matter how obvious it sounds I'm not the one delivering the baby, and so I can do very little on that front. What I can do is make sure my partner is not having to worry about all the other things going on and is able to focus and get energy on delivering the baby.

We used various yoga postures during the birth. When labour started my wife was in the all fours position alternating between leaning on the bed and a Swiss ball. The movement on the ball provided more comfort. When we arrived at the hospital we mainly used a position whereby I was sitting behind her chest to her back supporting her weight. My arms over her shoulders so with each contraction she could squeeze as hard as she wished on my forearms. I would straighten my back and spine so she was able to pull down on the contraction and thus providing more support.

The main thing that I felt was of the greatest benefit was the breathing. As Yoga practitioners we already understood the value of breathing and focusing on your breathing. My wife was able to deliver our baby with no form of pain medication using the breathing as a form of self hypnosis to ease the pain. During contractions I would also breathe in synchronization with her and at any point if she got out of rhythm I would breathe louder so she came back into synchronization. The event as with every birth was tiring but the techniques we learned were vital in getting through. Doing the Yoga and it's techniques helped us both to focus on the task in hand. The humming also was a huge help. The low sounds we produced together seemed to provide a primal sense of comfort.

Now we have an amazing little lady and we are three.

Sanjay Jalporte