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Yoga Contacts

British Wheel of Yoga

Address: 25 Jermyn Street, Sleaford, NG34 7RU

Phone: 01529 303233

E-mail: mailto:office@bwy.org.uk

Website: http://www.bwy.org.uk/


The WEA run Yoga Courses in Leicester

Address: Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 0TD

Phone: 0116 255 6614

E-mail: mailto:101leicester@wea.org.uk

Website: http://www.emid.wea.org.uk

Yoga Finder

Contact: Randa

Phone: 858-213-7924


Sitaram Partnership

Address: 7 Holmewood Gardens, London, SW2 3RS

E-mail: mailto:yoga@sitaram.org

Website: http://www.sitaram.org/

Yoga and Health Magazine

E-mail: mailto:janesill@aol.com


 Pregnancy Contacts 


Sacred Birthing reawakens the wonder and mystery and incorporates timeless spiritual wisdom into a practice of softbirth, in order to support a baby's whole being. It protects the soul-needs of a baby and welcomes the newborn as the wise being she is. It enlightens birth practices in order to experience birth in its fullness, and supports parents to also give birth to themselves and claim their inner initiation.



The world's leading magazine on holistic parenting. We focus on fertility awareness, conscious conception, peaceful pregnancy, sacred birth, child led weaning, natural immunity and many more holistic life style choices.

Website: http://www.themothermagazine.co.uk/


Director of Birth Balance, a center devoted to assisting women to remember what they have forgotten: 'Our bodies know how and our babies know how, even without thinking about it...'

Pregnancy/Labor/Birth Photography, Birth Consultant, Water Birth Referral Center, Tub Rental, Natural Breech Versions, Hypnotherapist: Birth Counselor, Labor Support Doula, Pre/Post Massage, Aromatherapist, Herbalist.

Contact: Judith Elaine Halek

212-222-4349 /Phone and Fax

Email: Judith@BirthBalance.com

Website: http://www.birthbalance.com/

Birthing From Within

Birthing From Within mentors (teachers) believe that childbirth is a profound rite of passage, not a medical event (even when medical care is part of the birth). We teach parents the power of birthing-in-awareness, even when their birth experience is not what they had anticipated. We create a safe, nurturing class environment which will invite parents to discover their personal strength and wisdom. We balance practical, useful information with introspective, multi-sensory experiences

Website: http://www.birthingfromwithin.com/

Woman To Mother

Holistic pregnancy and birth preparation and antenatal classes in St Albans, Hertfordshire based on Birthing From Within - a childbirth preparation style created by Pam England.workshops

Website: http://www.womantomother.co.uk/



Bump to Baby

A range of courses uniquely designed for you

0800 634 9630


 Yoga For Children Contacts

Swami Vedantananda Saraswati

Address: Surrey

Phone: 01293 784192


Courses run by Sonia Sumar on Yoga for the Special Child.

Contact: Jo Manuel

E-mail: mailto:jo@specialyoga.org.uk

Website: http://www.specialyoga.org.uk/

 Yoga For Learning Disabilities Contacts


Connect is a worldwide interactive website for the sharing of information by people interested in mental health problems and/or learning disabilities


Yoga Birth Sheffield


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