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Guided Relaxation (Suitable for sleep) Mindfulness Breathing Meditation (15 mins) Yoga and Relaxation Disk 1 Yoga and Relaxation Disk 2 Music for Labour Pregnancy Yoga Movements Short Mindfulness Exercise (2½ mins)

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Short Meditation Short Relaxation Yoga Mindfulness One Hour Yoga 2023 Yoga in the Park 2022 Yoga in the Park 2021 Yoga in the Park 2019 Yoga in the Park 2015 Yoga For Pregnancy and Childbirth - Ante-natal Yoga For Pregnancy and Childbirth - Post-natal

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Seven Way Stretch

Published Articles & Video Reviews

Article Published In When
Working With Mudras Yoga & Health Magazine January 2010
Fit for Life Nursing Times May 1991
A Gentle Way to Labour Nursing Times February 1995
The Seven Way Stretch Spectrum (British Wheel of Yoga) Summer 1998
Learning Disabilities Yoga & Health October 2003
Float Like a Butterfly The Practising Midwife January 2005
Empowering Women to give Birth The Practising Midwife May 2008

Review of Yoga With Nerissa Video

You can download this video above

From Spectrum - the Journal of the British Wheel of Yoga - Spring 2004

Nerissa is an experienced BWY teacher and Yoga for Pregnancy teacher. This pack of two tapes is well presented and well organised into sections with easy, clear directions and instructions. These are introduced by Nerissa who is both professional and friendly in her manner. The mothers-to-be and new mums demonstrate their 'special' yoga cleanly. I particularly liked the way the postures are filmed from both the front and the side which makes them clearer to understand and easier to perform while watching the tape. The breathing techniques (which are always the heart of these classes) are excellent and again easy to follow. The post-natal tape shows mothers with babies of different ages, and indicated the different adaptations that are suitable.

I will be recommending these tapes to local midwives whom I meet on their course when they attend the Yoga in Pregnancy session at their course at Bradford University. This tape will be very useful to women around the country who cannot find a Yoga for pregnancy class - due to shortage of teachers! Nerissa balances the sessions well and clearly and calmly explains how yoga helps during the whole process of pregnancy, labour and afterwards. She uses empowering language to encourage women 'We are POWERFUL women, but not SUPERWOMAN! We all need REST' Good advice for us all! Jane Ayers The British Wheel of Yoga is the governing body of Yoga in the UK as recognised by Sport England.

Child's Seven Way Stretch

Stretch 1

  • Stand tall and strong on the Stretch 1
  • Stand tall and string in the TASASANA
  • Breathe in and take both arms up to form the number one
  • Stretch up
  • Breathe out and take both arms down

Stretch 2 & 3

  • Take the arms out from the shoulders to form a T SHAPE - stretch out
  • Breathe out as you go round to one side
  • Breathe in as you come back to the middle
  • Breathe out as you go to the other side
  • Breathe in as you come back to the middle

Stretch 4 & 5

  • Breathe out and take one arm down to one leg
  • Form a TRIANGLE SHAPE with your arm, leg and body
  • Breathe in as you come up
  • Repeat on the other side.

Stretch 6 & 7

  • Breathe in as you take both arms up and form the trunk of an ELEPHANT
  • Reach up behind you and take food from a tree for your baby elephant
  • Breathe out as you bend down slowly
  • Stretch your back and bend your knees as you give the food
  • Slowly uncurl and come back to TADASANA

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