Sandra's Story

On 21st July Matt and I were on the train coming back from Leeds where we had spent the weekend with Matt's family. We were 2 weeks from due date and I have been suffering quite a consistent pain since Friday afternoon.

At 5pm, somewhere round Derby, I felt a hot leak between my legs. As per books read, I patted wet spot and smelt my fingers to check if I had wet myself or if it was membranes rupturing. Yep! Membranes it is. I looked at Matt and grinned like a Cheshire Cat. He panicked: What?! What's wrong? Ok, don't panic, but my waters have broken. As exciting as it was trying to act cool while getting a cab, I winced every time a hot feeling came about.

Once home,we rang the hospital and were asked to come in for an assessment. By 7pm it was confirmed that the waters had broken and we were sent home. At this point what felt like period pain, now started to feel like cramps all still in pelvic area. I used the birthing ball and was doing my yoga breathing though pain was not at all bad. We ordered a curry and went upstairs to assemble the actual hospital suitcase. While doing this, I started to get painful cramps, all still in pelvic/groin area. At this point I used the banister, Matt and random furniture to lean against while rocking my hips and breathing.
We finished the bag/suitcase and our food arrived. I ate and walked and grabbed onto things while breathing more and more like a respirator.
At round 10pm I started noticing bloody threads in water so I rang the hospital. They recommended paracetamol as my placebo treat and a bath. I had to ask Matt to get me out of the bath as every time a contraction came my feet were bolted to the floor. I got dressed and we called the hospital. They wanted us to come in just to make sure all was well.
Matt loaded the car and my contractions now only few mins apart made my move to the car a very long affair. Matt, being a new driver, kept apologising for not being the world's best driver while I tried to let him know all is well and he is not causing me pain, it's the prelabour. We arrived at the General at 11pm. We rang the bell and the door opened at the same time a contraction came. Gripping onto Matt for dear life, feet bolted to the ground Matt tried to encourage me to step in before door closed. He got a breezy response to wait.
A few seconds later I managed to step inside only to be faced with what seemed like an endless corridor to the delivery unit. 3 contractions later we got there and were let inside. After washing our hands through another contraction we finally made our way to the reception desk. One of the staff saw me gripping against the wall and said we best get us in. A lovely midwife Izzy asked if I wanted gas and air to which I snatched the apparatus from her hand and nearly inhaled the whole thing. Man! It works!
I had to lie down so that the midwife could check how dilated I am. Once I was on the bed, a contraction came. I was busy sucking the life out of the gas and air nozzle, but Matt said 'oh my god!' As by entire abdomen co carded under strain of a contraction. next came a surprise from the midwife: oh, you are fully dilated!

Hang on, I had prepared for 12 hours of labour, I've books, and fan with inbuilt spray bottle, and snacks, and everything! I was simply not ready while I was ushered to get on my knees against the birthing bed.
I was told l would feel a burning sensation and that is when I need to push. As this 'ring of fire' came, I was so stunned by the pain I sucked on gas and air avoiding the inevitable. When I took a break from contraction I'd flop on the bed and Matt had to encourage me to take breaths of normal air.
The midwife said I needed to push and I blatantly ignored her for the next two contractions, she then said I should feel down. I felt a hot wet something and thought my inside was out. I asked what is it and the midwife said its my baby's head. This indeed gave me strength to push and, with Matt watching our baby being born, I moaned and groaned low sounds hearing Nerissa in my head (truly resenting her at this point!). In no time,the midwife placed my baby under me and asked me pick it up. Matt was by my side and the midwife remembered we did not know the sex of the baby, she asked what we got. I looked down and saw OUR tinny child. I cried to the midwife: we got a baby! - clever, aren't I?
We have a beautiful baby girl named Sasha Grace. She was born at 00:10 on 22/07/13 and baby prince was lucky enough to share his birthday with our Sasha. In all honesty, I can't remember the pain. I know it was strong, but I expected it to be worse. Perhaps this is because I was only in labour for a short time.

I had 2nd degree tear so while I was stitched, daddy had some skin to skin time. Sasha then fed like it was an Olympic sport and we could not be more proud of our little princess.