Sarah's Story

So here is my labour story: I woke up on Sunday 8th and thought my waters had broken so went into the LRI to get checked out - waters hadn't broken but I was told I was 1cm dilated. My cramps turned into contractions around 11pm and that's when I had to get out of bed and use my TENS. Had Nerissa's CD on all night/morning too which I found really helpful. I found it very soothing and at this point I felt very confident in handling my contractions. By 5am my contractions were strong and coming every 5 mins. At 10am I went for a bath and they practically stopped, to re-appear again on the Monday eve. Anyway, at around 2:30am on Tues my contractions were so strong that TENS and paracetamol weren't really helping so we went to the LRI and I was devastated to hear I was only 2cm by then! Started to get really upset as I had been trying to control my pain by rocking humming etc but nothing seemed to be helping as much as I wanted it to. The midwife was really nice and delayed me going home by putting me in a bath - I was in there for 8 hours, refilling the water and finally getting some gas and air to help me through each contraction!! I did find visualisation helpful at this point - each time I had a contraction I would try to picture myself in happy times/places etc. Oh, and of course humming my way through each one....

Around 11am I was moved to a delivery room (no pool free) as I felt the definite urge to push but was still contracting. To cut a long story short I was standing and then on all fours on the bed for what seemed like ages, and at one point I was finding it really hard to stay positive which upset me as I thought I'd be able to cope after yoga etc. Was told I was doing an amazing job, which did help - and so did mooing! So I lost control -but with support I got it back!At 1pm the midwives left the room to help another lady and that's when I got the urge to push push push at each contraction. I was so tired I turned round and sat on the bed - Kerem said it all just started to happen at once - I pushed and he saw a 'bubble' appear which were my waters that hadn't broken yet - he ran out and called 'help!' and 4 people ran in - after three more contractions he was born! The midwife had to break his waters when his head appeared!I found the actual delivery a pleasure compared to my contractions and although I was upset to begin with to have given birth 'the hard way' on my back I really had no more energy and have stopped beating myself up about it.Its so true that you do forget the pain when you see your baby - I remember looking round seeing my husband and midwives crying, I felt completely calm and relaxed and I do remember thinking 'why is everyone crying?'. I felt so peaceful.I def recommend that wheatgerm oil - in fact, the midwife asked specifically what I had been using as was amazed I didn't tear! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my birthing story - I've attached a picture of me and Chester. We're very much in love xx

Thanks Nerissa
Sarah x