Jane's Story

Just thought you'd like to know that our baby girl has finally arrived - about 7:50 am this morning and without the need for induction. I spent the next 4/5 hours listening to your cd and rocking/humming when the contractions came, but they were still about every 4 minutes and lasted about 30 seconds...so not enough to ring the hospital. Ben left to take Kim to granny s house for the day, which miraculously intensified the contractions! About 15 mins later my waters broke whilst rocking on the stairs & I realised that baby wasn't waiting. I headed to the bathroom (easier to clean and with towels!) and ended up ringing for an ambulance, as well as practising the yoga pose that no-one understands why you'd ever use it (the one to slow labour down!). It didn't work as I'd hoped and I ended up delivering our daughter on my own whilst the man on the phone guided me through. I automatically did the hot soup blowing when her head was crowning and thankfully escaped with just a graze. I had to let the paramedics in about 10 mins after they'd arrived before they kicked the door in...and was on my way out to the ambulance when a shell shocked Ben arrived home. We transferred to the general to deliver the placenta and have the usual baby tests, and are now recuperating at St Mary's. So not as expected, but I had no pain relief, stayed upright and mobile, and did my breathing and humming as per my birth plan! We have named her Tegan Ellie, she was 6lb 11oz -not the giant overdue baby I was dreading!