Kezia's Story

My son was born at 32 weeks so from 32weeks I waited!
38+3 weeks I woke up with really bad back ache but just ignored it and thought I'll know it's happening when my waters break. So, I did the school runs had the car washed, rushed out to get drain un-blocker (important stuff I know-clearly nesting) and went to my yoga class.

That evening I bounced on my birthing ball. Still feeling un-comfy I lay in the downward dog position then went to bed. I lay there for a few minutes then got tightening 'think it's happening pop the bath on'. I stood up to go to bath and had a sharp pain in my back. We woke our son who looked at me and said 'why are you making that noise stop it, it's annoying! I was currently making deep 'moohing' noises. Webundled our son in to the car along with my iPod dock, tens machine, bags of snacks, joke giant pants from the market and aroma oils to name but a few.

We dropped off our son and rushed to the General. We arrived and I leant on the bench outside. My partner went inside but there was no-one at reception. He rang the labour ward. They answered and said 'We are full; you'll have to go to the Royal'. So, when my contraction finished we got back in to the car and raced across Leicester hugging the dash board. Luckily it was the early hours so roads were quietas we did go quite fast. I just remember thinking low deep noises; each contraction comes to an end. With this in mind I inhaled slowly and blew out slowly.

We arrived at the royal; the labour ward was full so we went in to the assessment room. The lady from reception came in 'What sort of delivery did you want?' 'No drugs' I yelped. She said there wasn't time. I said that I wanted a water birth she again said by the looks of me there wouldn't be time so I said I'll just get in the bath. Again, no time. I tried to stand against bed but it felt wrong so I climbed on to the bed and got on all fours. Now that I was on all fours it was only right to continue with my cow ethos and mooh! I inhaled slowly through my nostrils and blew my breath out. My partner put his hand at the base of my back I moved it to where the pain came. She said the only thing that's stopping you is your waters 'shall I burst them?' She did. I remember that you should push as if your having a pooh and so I did. I said sorry for my squawking and I apologise if I pooh and then I pushed,7 minutes later my beautiful Layla arrived.

Layla was passed under my legs and went straight on to my breast (placenta and all still inside). We sat like this for a while, it was beautiful. The wonderful receptionist/midwife then helped me get the placenta out. I asked to keep a tiny piece. I fried and ate it. It tasted like liver.

As I had signed up for the cord donation a lady came in and took some medical details and a blood sample from me. It took hardly any time and should hopefully save a life! We'd been there 4 hours so thought let's get home and introduce Layla to Theo. We then bundled Layla and the masses of 'birthing equipment' in to the car.Despite my wonderful birthing bag of goods Ionly used a cheap pair of giant joke knickers from the market!!

Although I didn't get my relaxation music filledwater birth it was quite a beautiful labour as I just followed my instinct, stayed calm, breathed through each contraction and just did what felt natural.