Michelle's Story

Just to let you know that i had Ava on 7 August and i am forever grateful for all your advice!

As you know, i was dreading going overdue again and being induced for a second time. this time round, i had a sweep and contractions started that night but soon stopped again. i went for coffee the next morning with some friends and we went out for a final family dinner that evening (i did however need to nip to the loo a few times when i had contractions as it didn't feel right to sigh my breath out in a restaurant...).

Contractions started again that night, i used breathing and sighing techniques while sitting on ball, squatting and stretching. Contractions were not regular until the next evening when i got woken up at 11pm. i was dependent on 'blowing soup' remembering that 'each contraction will end'. By 12 midnight i thought maybe its time to get out my Tens machine and maybe i will need an epidural if this gets any worse. By 1am, my contractions were coming every 3-5 minutes and lasting 50-60 seconds so got Stewart to ring hospital (seeing as he faints at the sight of blood and not sure he'd survive a sight of birth...) we arrived at LRI at 1h35 and sent to birthing unit. Stewart had parked at door and had to go and move the car. my midwife said she needed to just go and do something with another patient but will be back to take a history soon. at which point, i couldn't exactly speak anymore and just nodded but thought that this baby is coming soon ..... i was swaying at the bed when i thought it will be a long drop for baby if born now so decided to try and kneel down at the chair. As i went into a squatting position to get onto knees, Ava arrived at 1h39, luckily, she was caught by me!

Stewart had got the lift down and got to door when realized that he'd forgotten the keys. by the time he got back in the room, Ava had arrived!

i had no pain relief and needed no stitches either which i was delighted about! Ava

is doing really well, breast feeding frequently still at the moment but not lost too much weight! i will definitely be recommending your classes for an enjoyable birthing experience!

Take care

Michelle Coulson (wed pm class)