Helen's Story

Arley James Reedman, arrived safe and sound on the 1st of September at 1:38am. Born into water with not even so much as a paracetemol. My labour started on the Wednesday at 3pm. We went to St Mary's to be checked and I was only 3-4cms dilated so we went home to wait for things to progress. Sadly, things didn't and I stayed labouring for another 4 and a half days before he arrived! On the Saturday we walked up Old John at Bradgate park and I spent most of the day bouncing on my birthing ball in the hope that things would get going. I noticed a change in how I was feeling once we had reached the top of Old John and I asked Graham if we could go back to Melton to check how things were going. He encouraged me to stay at home and wait a bit longer, this was at about 4pm. At 10:00pm, nothing had changed so we decided to go to bed but I was woken up having very strong contractions at 11:22pm. I went to the bathroom and another contraction came and I couldn't speak. I rushed back into the bedroom and woke Graham up and told him to ring my mum whilst I rang St Mary's to let them know we were coming in. Our daughter Dilly, had heard the commotion and came in for a cuddle to see what was going on. My mum arrived soon after and cuddled up in bed with my daughter and we started the journey to Melton.

When we had arrived the contractions had become almost unbearable but I was holding my focus using the breathing techniques that Nerissa had taught us and also the visualisation techniques I had learnt in my hypnotherapy sessions. I was examined and was only 6 cms dilated and so I was able to jump into the pool. I suddenly had an incredible urge to pushl. Graham was panicking, telling me to stop pushing as it wasn't time but despite trying, my body completely took over and continued to push. 

13 minutes later, Arley was born. I didn't have time for gas and air or any other pain relief! I was able to wait for the cord to stop pulsating before Graham cut the cord, but I had started to bleed and so I had the injection to remove the rest of the placenta. Luckily the bleeding slowed but I had a 3rd degree tear and was transferred to the LRI. While we were waiting for the ambulance I had some really special skin to skin time and managed Arley's first feed. He was weighed and when they announced that he was 8lb 8oz I was so shocked! He looked so small!

He is now 5 weeks and 5 days. He was born with a tongue and lip tie and so breastfeeding has been difficult but we are persevering. We had the tongue tie divided when he was 6 days old and we are having the lip tie divided next week and so hopefully feeding will improve from this point!

Thank you, Nerissa, for helping me have the completely natural experience I was so desperate for after my first birth was so traumatic. I am so grateful.