Nicola's Story

I came to your classes Spring/summer 2012, April 2016 I have never written my birth story down as the different outcomes still scare me but after battling with post natal depression I needed to write this to help overcome one of the triggers, and as it is caesarean awareness month I though I would share. I remember in one of your classes you showing us the video of the lady who needed to have an emergency section and was refusing, I'm glad you showed this video to us, I went into my labour fully aware and open minded to the choices ahead.

My labour started and progressed really well and fast through the early hours of 20th August 2012. I got to 9 cm with my yoga practice and my tens machine, I then went through a whole canister of gas! After beginning contractions at 1 am in the morning I was exhausted after nearly 1 hour of pushing, my waters were broken by accident after an examination. I found out I was group b positive at 20 weeks so I was already hooked up to a drip for antibiotics. After very slow progress (it was nearly 3pm now) I kept asking my boyfriend what was wrong, there was something wrong, my midwife was lovely and very assuring. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her press a red button on the wall, everything else was a blur really, I was so exhausted, the room filled with doctors etc. The doctor explained that the position of my baby was difficult for him to be born without intervention and that I would need forceps and if that failed a caesarean. Before I knew it my boyfriend was taken away and I was down in theatre being unable to feel anything from my ribs down, but reunited with my boyfriend.

Forceps failed so my beautiful boy was born by section at 4.28 pm. He weighed 9lb 3oz and the doctor said was well and truly stuck! He was rushed away to pediatrics where he was given help to take his first breathes before we could see and hold him. It was the perfect moment! Regardless of the birth I had our little baby in our arms. I can only thank the midwife for acting so quickly as if she hadn't it could have all been a different story. When I fell pregnant with our second child there was no question in my mind how he would be born and from my booking in appointment I elected to have a section. I now have two beautiful boys and one beautiful scar. Even though the yoga didn't play a role in actually giving birth it helped me in labour and helped me to stay relaxed when everything became out of my control. I also met friends there who are a constant support for everything.

I hope this helps any of your students to have open minds about what may be.

Thank you Nerissa Sorry it's took me 3.5 years to write! Nicola Crowe (was Vernon)