Jo's Story

Emmie-Rose Hana Power was born on 6th July 2013 at 7.44pm in the back of an ambulance on Narborough Road South weighing 8lb 10oz

I was due on 5th July so only a day late but was convinced I was going to be induced like my first child Luan, so had in my head nothing will happen until 17th July my induction date, well I was totally wrong and very surprised.

On Saturday 6th we decided as a family to take our 3 year old out for dinner and she requested Pizza Express as its her favourite restaurant, but because it was so hot we said let's go to Stoney Stanton jet ski centre and eat outside as its only 10 mins away from home and good job we did!

We arrived at the jet ski centre to find they were not serving till 6pm so we have a drink and sat outside soaking up the sun and as my daughter was hungry and did not want to wait that long, we decided to come home and have pizza. At 6pm I felt a twinge and assumed it was braxton hicks as I had not had any of them as yet, 6.30 the so called braxton hicks were getting more regular but not really hurting as such so put on my tens machine and rang the in-laws to ask them to make there way over. I started thinking each contraction will come to an end ! . Right my plan was to get my daughter in bed and asleep before the contractions got stronger and regular , my husband started reading her books about 6.45pm.. I was just about to go and join in the stories when I had the urge to push and shouted to Stuart ring an ambulance I think he thought you cannot be serious ! He rang the ambulance and the operator said is she breathing which I could hear -of course I am I am giving birth ! Stuart kept saying all I want is an ambulance and the operator kept saying I will send an ambulance once you answer the questions! My poor 3 year old just stay sitting on her bed watching all this asking is the ambulance coming like on the children's programme city of friends , I was saying yes through gritted teeth and had my head pushing against the door frame as I did not want to make much noise and scare her . I wondered why the next day I had the biggest bruise on my head.

Two ambulance ladies arrived 7.10pm followed in by my in-laws who had seen the ambulance with flashing lights pass them and joked and said bet they are going to Jo's, little did they know it was !

I was getting into the yoga pose Nerissa had taught us to slow down labour but the ambulance crew wanted to get me to hospital as quick as possible as I have a blood disorder . I told them I cannot move but knew in my heart I needed to get in the ambulance. After my next push adrenalin must have taken over as I jumped up and ran down the stairs naked with my waters gushing everywhere , thinking to myself I need to get into the ambulance before I need to push again and my new stairs carpet is ruined ! The ambulance lady said wait we need to cover you in a sheet for your dignity I thought stuff the dignity I need to get in the ambulance before my next push , so I ran out in the street with no clothes on ! I had to lie on the bed in the ambulance for safety and I started to make low noises as they drove away with the sirens going. Next minute I knew she had arrived as the ambulance lady said to her crew mate slow down I am going to deliver her baby and out came Emmie -Rose . She was put on me straight away and the ambulance picked up pace again. When we go to the LRI three midwives were waiting for us outside which was great. The maternity unit was quiet so the ambulance crew stayed for a brew , they were saying they only get 1 hour midwifery training and when Stuart said I had a blood disorder as well they were quite nervous but did not show it

I tore in two places so the midwife said we need to stitch you up, I asked how long it will take thinking 5 minutes or hoping, and she said 25 minutes, again my yoga breathing came in very handy as although it was not painful it was uncomfortable especially with Emmie -Rose breast feeding as well.

The course I went on with Nerissa was brilliant and I will always remember Nerissa saying 'each contraction will end'. My husband and I went on the couples course on a Saturday as well and my husband said he would highly recommend it to any birthing partner as it keeps the partner focused as well and they understand the breathing side and can do it with you.