Annabel's Story - Amy's Arrival

Like you say, each labour is different and I suppose I couldn't have believed that they could be so different! I started to have contractions on the Sunday and they carried on sporadically until 3pm on monday. Once I realised that they were only 4 mins apart I got Duncan home from work, had a bath and started to make Olis dinner. I soon found that I was humming on all fours in the front room getting Oli to join in with what he thought was a fab new game of humming horses!!

We stayed at home for a bit and then went to the hospital. I still didn't really believe that I was in proper labour and so made Duncan park at granby halls and walk to the royal. I was getting about 10 metres and then having a contraction in the middle of welford road!!!! When we got to the hospital at about 6.45 we were put in the triage room, checked over and sort of left to our own devices - it was lovely. I just hummed when it was painful and couldn't believe how fantastic the humming was at helping to focus my breath and manage the pain. After about 40 mins we went into the delivery suite. I sat straight on the ball which was brilliant - I'd always worried it would hurt the spd - still humming I carried on contracting but in between was great - I was able to relax and chat to Duncan. Every time a contraction was painful, I told myself that it would end and I found it really helpful to use the wave visualisation. By concentrating on what I'd learnt in the sessions, I was getting through it with just my breath!

Whilst I was on the ball, I could see the midwife getting everything ready and was really surprised - it seemed really weird that she was so busy when birth seemed so far away! But after a couple of strong contractions, my waters suddenly went and I was worried that it would really hurt now, but I carried on humming and on the next contraction just realised that baby was coming. i got up on the bed and I have to admit that i was scared - i had pushed for 2 hours with Oli and so when it started to happen, more through a bit of a panic, i just breathed and didn't push. the next contraction came, and our midwife said she could see the head. I carried on breathing and on the next contraction, Amy's head came out!!! the second stage of labour had lasted for less than 2 mins!!!!! It was brilliant!! I had a beautiful girl and hadn't torn or really been in pain.

Amy weighed in at 9lb 3oz and like Oli is long and lean!! She is feeding well and sleeping well. I can't quite believe how similar she looks to her big brother - shouldn't really be a surprise though should it?

Anyway, I am going on a bit now so will draw to a close. I just wanted to thank you for what you do - your sessions are great for giving women the confidence to have the birth that they want and the techniques to deal with things effectively. I can hardly believe that I hummed having hated it so much previously but will definitely be teaching it to Oli and Amy for when they're hurt. Thanks Nerissa - I really couldn't have done it without you.

Best wishes - see you for the next one!!!!!!

love Annabel