Quotes from Children

I go to Nerissa Fields' yoga classes. I like yoga and I find it very relaxing and peaceful. We do movements of animals in Surya Namaskara and we do the seven way stretch.

Eleanor 8 years

Every Monday I do yoga for an hour. I have been doing yoga for just under a year and I have a very good teacher and her name is Nerissa. I like yoga and in my time I have done a lot of relaxation and I have done a lot of the seven way stretch. I have started doing Surya Namaskara. Yoga is fun and it helps your body build its muscles and relax. I really like it, it is enjoyable and relaxing.

Pritesh 11 years

Yoga is fun, it is harmony. I like the dog.

Connor 5 years

Every Monday we go to yoga. I really like it. I like relaxing. I like exercise and stretching.

Neel 10 years

Yoga was made thousands of years ago. Yoga is good for you because its good exercise. My favourite yoga posture is Surya Namaskara.

Callum 7 years

Quotes from Others

Over the past year I have seen a tremendous improvement in Gary's general behaviour. He is more settled and calm here and at the Day Centre - He really enjoys coming.

Catherine Smith - Day Centre Officer, Fosse Day Centre

Since coming here over the last year I have felt much better about myself and within myself and much more able to cope with the stresses of my work.

Jo Kollier - Day Centre Officer, Hastings Road Day Centre

I feel my role as a support worker is essential to the smooth running of the session. You never know what is going to happen. You also build up a relationship with lecturer and client and work together as a team.

Sharon Jackman - Support Worker

When James knows he is coming to yoga he appears to be keen to leave, once here he enjoys what he does and is relaxed and calm throughout the session and carries if home with him.

Angela Carroll - Support Worker - Society for the Blind

When I first attended the yoga sessions the work we did was totally foreign to me. I am used to raising peoples energy and working on their enthusiasms. Yet within a few sessions I understood where yoga was coming from. It was a completely different approach, it was about putting people in touch with themselves, there was a spirituality about it. I regret that we don't use it in a Christian way with so many of the stressed individuals around us.

Don Dow - Support Worker

Yoga for Pregnancy Quotes

The yoga sessions with Nerissa have made a real difference to me. Not only with the birth of my son, when the controlled breathing throughout the contractions was invaluable but also afterwards. when I've been able to use the breathing techniques for relaxation.

Janine Cullinane

I found the yoga sessions with Nerissa invaluable. I used many of the techniques taught in the classes during my labour and found they really helped me to remain focused and have a positive birthing experience.

Claire Onwin

When trying for a VBAC with my second child I said I would do anything to help the process of a 'natural birth'. Somebody suggested yoga, well thinking it would be all humming and chanting I went along not really convinced it would help... how wrong I was. After having every drug possible with my first birth I found this time I could cope with only my own breath and a bit of gas and air. I can honestly say, looking back, I enjoyed my labour. Every pain I worked through looking forward to seeing my new baby and at 10cm I was ready to push, but unfortunately I started getting pains that were not contraction and I ended up with a C-section and torn uterus under general anesthetic. I even used the breathing exercises after the birth with the pain I experienced after the surgery. I cannot thank Nerissa enough for showing me the best pain reliever ever. This has been a life changing experience for me.

Rachel Coltman