Anisa's Birth story

My water broke on Friday morning the 18th of Jan (a week early!)....I went about my day as normal..went to the store with my mom...went to visit friends in the evening..anyways..we came home and I started to get just like a back ache..discomfort not any pain or anything.  All was well and I thought it would be a while before anything happens  I started to get some really mild period pains, just still felt achey after a few hours.

Then I thought let me just see if these cramps are coming in any sort of time   So I timed them and they were about 3-7 mins apart not anything too regular  I called the midwife and she said can you talk through the contractions or are they really bad. I said no I can talk through them they aren't too bad.  Just two days before I decided to switch from the General to Saint Mary's Birthing Centre. I called them and they said call back when they are more regular.  So I said ok and they started to get a bit stronger.  I thought I still had time, my husband had had a long day so I said go to sleep, the house was quiet and I went  to watch home tv.  In between I'm running to use the toilet because my stomach is sore.  Then at 3 am I went to the toilet and after that wowwwww I couldn't take the pain it was sooo strong.  So I woke up my mom and husband and called the hospital and said I'm on my way.   I had bad pains on the way there and was getting the urge to push a little.  It took us 30 mins to get there and we got there 3:30 am.  They hooked me up with gas and air and checked me and found I was already 9cm dialated when I arrived.  They listened to my baby's heartbeat and said it was dropping when I had contractions.  I didnt realize then but the cord was around his neck. She said the ambulance is here and we are transfering you to Leicester.  So I am in the ambulance and with each contraction I can't help it I am just pushing away quietly and the midwives were riding with me and thought I still had some time.  I felt a burn and I said somethings happening.  I was wearing my clothes, pyjama bottoms, so she had a feel and said you are fine. So I had few more contractions and I am thinking no way so I shove my hand down my pants and have a feel and feel a big round ball and say his head is already out.  She goes stop the ambulance and goes ok we delivering right here.  My husband and my mom weren't allowed to ride in the ambulance so they followed behind.  Anyway we must have pulled over to the side of the road and the head was out and I gave a tiny push and the shoulders came out and no less than 2 mins after I had him the placenta popped out  So arriving at St. Marys at 3:30am and I had him at 4:15am!  One hour, a few minutes of intense labour pains and a couple of hours of manageable pain!

I was grunting after he was born not crying.  They said because the ambulance was cold and we were outside and just the trauma of everything happening so quickly.  We got to the hospital after another five minute drive and they had a look at me and I had a third degree tear that was too bad to sew up under local anesthetic.  So they sent me away to the theatre and gave me an epidural and stitched me up.  I was in recovery for two hours and couldn't feed him right away.  He was really hungry so they cup fed him some formula.  Ebrahim and my mom stayed with him while I was away.  Then they moved me to the delivery ward and he breastfed just fine after and pooed a whole bunch.  I stayed there for the rest of the day and night and came home the next day! I intended to go to Saint Marys for aftercare but had a change of heart with all the chaos I just wanted to go home! My baby Zayd was kept in a heated bed to keep his temperature up.  I had planned to use a birthing ball or perhaps use the birthing pool and I wanted to give birth in a position other than laying down, but it just didn't work out! It was a great birth nonetheless..very quick and easy! The second I had him I told the midwives...'that wasn't bad at all!' I really think keeping active made all the difference.  I did yoga every night on my own and went swimming once a week plus pilates and al ot of walking!!! I also practiced perineal massage since week 35, but still got a nasty tear and am assuming it was from giving birth in an ambulance and not having the guidance of midwives to help me push his head out!
i definitely think I was well prepared for the birth   Although I had an image in my mind of what I wanted it to be like, I was prepared enough to know that things don't always go as planned. When they wanted to take me by ambulance to the General, it really wasn't a stressful moment at all. I think just being open to 'go with the flow' is what made it such a peaceful birth that potentially could have been made very chaotic.