Olivia's Story

I hope you are well. I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the support and advice you gave me during the yoga classes and to let you know my birth story.


I was due on 29th August and by 4th September was starting to feel a bit fed up as really wanted to meet my baby. I was determined so was drinking raspberry leaf tea, bouncing on my birth ball, taking long walks, pressing on my pressure points and using essential oils! My husband decided our daughter needed to make an appearance soon as he'd booked the week off work!


On the evening of 4th September He ran me a bath with oils and gave me a massage. I won't ever know if this worked or not but 3 hours after my bath and massage I woke up having contractions. I was able to sleep through them until 8am when they became quite regular, coming every 30 minutes. I put my tens machine on and got bouncing on my ball.


It was slightly unfortunate that our car was booked in for a service that day so my husband had to drive an hours round trip to drop it off- luckily we got a loan car!


By 12pm my contractions were every 5- 10 minutes and getting stronger. My husband suggested I have a bath so he ran one for me and put my birth ball in the bath for me to rest on. I had to take my tens machine off so for every contraction my husband poured warm water over my back. This was a great relief and really helped me to relax. My husband supported me to breathe through each contraction and reminded me to make low sounds.


By the time I got out of the bath the contractions were every minute and I knew I needed to get to hospital. My Dad drove us and after stopping to have several contractions I finally got to the birth centre at 1:45pm.


We were shown to a room and my husband put some classical music on and helped me to get comfortable on the birth mat and ball on the floor. I held his hand through every contraction and he helped me breathe through them. They were becoming really intense so we tried humming but found it didn't work as well for me as the breathing. I let the midwife examine me and she spoke to my husband outside of the room inline with our birth plan. He returned and told me I was 6cm and doing really well. An hour passed as he supported me to breathe through each contraction and the midwife was able to start preparing a pool room for us.


The contractions really ramped up and I remember turning to my husband and saying I think we might need to think about pain relief. He said you're doing so well, you are in control. Keep focusing on your breathing and he breathed with me. He supported me to slow my breathing down when I needed to and that our baby was perfectly sized for my body and would be here soon.


The midwife told us the pool was ready so my husband helped me to walk to the other room. As I got there my waters broke and my husband and midwife helped me get in the pool. As soon as I got in my contractions changed. I became really focused and held my husband's hand as we breathed through them together. I felt my body take over and start to push without me doing it. I told the midwife my body was pushing and I could feel the head coming. She asked me to try and feel the head with my hand on my next contraction and I was able to feel it! She realised I was progressing quickly and got her things ready. I turned to my husband and remember saying to him she's coming, I can feel her, I'm so excited, she's going to be here soon. He said I was completely euphoric and focused on seeing our daughter. I could feel my contractions getting stronger and with each one her head as getting closer to coming out. I could feel her head almost come out and then retract again. I decided I  wanted to see our daughter so with the next contraction I actively gave a small push. This was the first and only time I ever decided to push. Her head came out and my husband was able to see our daughter for the first time. The midwife said to me with your next contraction your baby will be out and told me to reach down and pull her onto my chest. My body took over and before I knew it she was here! I pulled her on to my chest and we sat cuddling in the water for 30 minutes. It was the most magical experience and I will treasure it forever!


We waited until my placenta had stopped pulsing and then my husband cut the cord and had skin to skin contact with our daughter.


I was able to naturally deliver my daughter, and the placenta with no intervention, not even stitches! She was born into a calm and loving environment and I believe your yoga classes and breathing techniques truly helped me to stay relaxed and focused, giving me the birth I wanted and the best start for my daughter.


Thank you so much for the positive experience you helped us to have.


Please welcome Dorothy Alice Edwards (Dotty for short), born on 5th September at 16:37 weighing a healthy 8lb 1oz xx